Womp Womp

Sooooo….I fucked up.

I forgot to pay the damn website bill, and forgot for long enough that they no longer had my website backed up. I had backed up most of my posts. I thought I had backed up all the content. I checked my home computer. I checked my office computer. I checked my tablet. I checked my Dropbox and Google Drive. It turns out I was…incorrect. Nothing, nadda, file not found. At some insane point in time, I deleted all of the files. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I would have decided that was a good idea. It clearly wasn’t. *sigh*


Please bare with me, any visitors, as I struggle to re-upload five years worth of images and video to this site. I may crap out on some of the older posts. This is going to be a slog. On the plus side is it allows me to clean some stuff out, and do some reorganizing that I planned on. I do have some new content planned, but it’s going to be on hold for a while. But I’m working on it! Fortunately I’m about to go on a big Christmas break, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through as much as possible then. In the meantime please enjoy this video of my dogs helping a passing ambulance:

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