Some park fun to start the day

Look at that picture up top, that is one handsome dog, if I do say so my self.


Here’s a short video of Mufaasa playing at the park with his friend Gus. We actually met when we took the same obedience class together, but they play so awesome together it always made it challenging when we were practicing walking by each other in class. Now that we’re both graduated they can now just hang out at the park and let their inner hooligans out. (PS: please ignore my inane morning chatter, for some reason YouTube isn’t changing the music)


It’s getting chilly around here. I actually sucked it up and busted out a proper winter coat. Given that my dog seems immune to the cold I have a feeling I’m going to be outside a lot more this winter than I’d prefer. Ah, but that’s why you have a dog, so you don’t hybernate all winter long. Anywho, there is a frightening amount of frost out this morning. I’m going to try not to think about it.



I seriously need to clean the camera on my poor phone. Or, better yet, bring my $500 camera that I never use out with me more so I can get some better quality images.

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