Shameless, shameless plug.

I can haz beer 2?
I can haz beer 2?

Look at this picture. Is this not adorable? Is my dog not adorable? Would you like to personally help me feed him for the next year and maybe even get to see this adorable face in adverstising at your local pet store? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? Inhuman monsters, that’s who. And that’s not you.

Petcurean is holding a great contest where we could win free food for a year. I already feed both my dogs their endurance formula, it is in fact the only kibble I’ve found that Mu can digest enough of that I’m not feeding him four cups a day just to keep him from wasting away. It’s a great Canadian company and they make some of the best food on the market, and I would really, really love to not have to pay for it for the next year.

So, if you’re on Facebook and you have 30 seconds of time, please head on over and vote for Mu, and if you’re so inclined share with your friends. You will have to like their page, but they won’t spam your feed¬†unnecessarily, and you can unlike them later if you want.

Thanks from Mufaasa and Me.

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