Prideful Puppy

I will never top the awesomeness of this photo. NEVER.

Want to have an awesome time showing off in front of a ton of people, soak in loads of positive energy and stand up for every person’s right to freedom from persecution, to marry who they love (whomever that might be), to have self-respect, and to be the kind of person on the outside that they feel on the inside, than I suggest you walk in a Pride Parade. That’s just what Mufaasa and me did last weekend and it was so much fun! A friend of mine invited us to march with the CBC (something else I love and could use a little support right now) and I jumped at the chance. I’ve attended every Pride Parade since moving back to Halifax and they are soooo much fun; you get to watch the rediculous and/or fabulous costumes, great music, amazing floats, dancing, and so much more.

Watching was always great, but I have to say marching was even more fun, even if it was BLISTERINGLY hot out. Fortunately we had a cooler full of ice water travelling with us so I was able to douse poor Mufaasa periodically. He did fantastic—hamming it up for the crowd and the cameras, befriending stormtroopers, and sporting his fantastic new rainbow bandana (that I would leave on him 24-7  if I didn’t think he would eat it). He spent the set-up portion of the parade just chilling by the CBC cars while myself and a few others inflated a depressinglyawesomely huge amount of balloons the ol’ fashion way. I also manage to score a sweet CBC shirt out of the deal, which I suppose makes nearly passing out worth it.

I can haz beer 2?

I also got to see a bunch of friends along they way, and if I had any doubt that Mufaasa wasn’t handling the heat well when we went to the shindig at Garrison Grounds afterwards he spent ten minutes wrestling with a friend’s Great Dane. The beer tent even allowed people to bring their dogs in this year so Mufaasa got to do even more smoozing while we listed to the concert and drank some ::shudders:: Bud Lime (what is it about big ticket events and having the WORST BEER SELECTION POSSIBLE? I mean, I still drank it because, well, beer, but if it had been something else I would have substantially more of it). Mufaasa also managed to climb on the table and lick the top of not one but two people’s beers. And because it was pride no one seemed to care.

After all that it was a long walk home. I think the real miracle is that I wasn’t burnt to a crisp by the end of the day. I think my hair was about three shades lighter by the end of it. Also, note to self, next year make sure you eat more than a croissant for breakfast before heading down, I didn’t get to eat again until 6pm. After some delicious pizza and a long nap, it was a pretty great day.

And come hell or high water, we will walk again next year!


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  1. Oh man, that pic with the storm trooper is beyond awesome

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