Positive Reinforcement Trainers

List of trainers who use positive reinforcement trainers only (no correction based training allowed!). If you think there are none around where you live, you might be wrong!

If you are a trainer who thinks they should be on this list, please send me an email with your name, your business name (if you have one) and a short description of the services you provide, and I’ll be happy to add you.

Nova Scotia

Sublime Canine

“Sublime Canine Services is pleased to bring a modern, compassionate approach to living with dogs in HRM. We offer small class sizes in a fun upbeat atmosphere, private training and dog walking services. Committed to humane practices that get results, Sublime Canine has a training option for every lifestyle.”

Go to http://www.sublimecanine.ca/ for more info


Silvia Jay: Dogs – Behaviour – Relationships

 “I am a dog behavior consultant and published writer with more than 15 years experience, and specialize in problem behaviors rooted in fear, stress and anxiety. Since 2007 I focus on private, in-home consultation, and occasional seminars and workshops in Nova Scotia. In my spare time I am working on my second book. My mission is to mainstream mindful leadership and purely positive, effective solutions to problem behaviors. I always ask how the dog feels, and guide owners to change what is not working for the dog. Their reward: trust, voluntary attention, and a willingness to learn, obey and bond, and with that most undesired behaviors diminish or vanish.”

Go to http://www.silvia4dogs.com/ for more info.


Unleashed Pawsabilities

“Unleashed Pawsabilities provides basic and advanced training for dogs of all ages, including puppy socialization classes in Tantallon, close to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our dog training instructor, Tamara McFarland can help you achieve your goals of having a dog who is responsive to you and comes when you call them (the first time!) using both gentle and effective methods. Classes are very limited in size so that you get lots of personal attention. ”

Go to http://www.unleashedpaws.ca/ for more info.


Online Resources

DVDs and online classes are great resources if you can’t find a local trainer, you want to broaden your knowledge, or just take your handing and training to the next level.

Silvia Trkman

Two time World Champion, European Open winner with 4 different dogs (Lo, La, Bu, Le), National Championships podium and World Team member with every dog she’s ever had, National Champion for 17-times (with 5 different dogs of 3 different breeds), World Team member for 16-times (mostly with at least two dogs at the time, four dogs in 2014). 

Silvia is most famous for her running contact training, but also has many wonderful online classes and DVDs on motivation, tighter turns, puppy training, heeling, and more. I own several of her DVDs and have taken her online foundation class, and hope to take more of her classes in the future.

Find out more at http://www.lolabuland.com/

Jenny Damm

Twice world champion and a perpetual front runner, Jenny combines a winning attitude with a gentleness and respect for dogs that is more important to her than any trophies or medals. Jenny has been at the top level of FCI agility for more than 10 years. In spite of her incredible accomplishments in agility, the thing she is most proud of is her connection and partnership with her dogs. Just a few of her accomplishments include Silver Swedish Championship 2013, The Swedish Agility Dog of the Year 2011, 11 times world team member, Swedish Champion 2011, Gold Medal Large Team, Germany 2010, and just this year silver metal and the World Championships.

Jenny offers online coaching and has released two DVDs, though they are hard to find these days. She also comes to North America fairly regularly to teach seminars (you can read my review of her first seminar in Nova Scotia here).

Read more and Jenny Damm at http://www.lotuseducation.se/en

Justine Davenport

Justine is one of the most talented agility competitors in Canada today and a strong contender on the world agility stage. Justine’s commitment to consistency in training, handling, and competition has been instrumental in her success. Jessica is a highly skilled and talented competitor and has several impressive accomplishments under her belt, and has been a regular member of Canada’s World team since 2004.

Justine offers many seminars throughout Canada and the US, and has online classes throughout the winter on Foundations, proofing, and international handling skills.

You can learn more about Justine Davenport at http://shapeupagility.com/

OneMind Dogs

“The OneMind Dogs methodology is based on dogs’ natural behavior. When a person communicates non-verbal commands correctly, all dogs understand the same message, across the globe. Any dog, from anywhere in the world, will instantly understand OneMind Dogs. For them, it simply makes sense.
     “We teach OneMind Dogs methodology to handlers. For the most part, we do not need to teach it to dogs: They already speak the language. It is down to us as people to learn how to best listen to and communicate in the language of dogs.”

OneMind Dogs is run by a number of international recognized Sweedish Agility handlers, most famously Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti (yes, the Jaakko of the “Jaakko-Turn”). They have a fairly sophisticated website with lots of content and now a few subscription plans (from one day to a year)

You can read more about OMD at http://www.oneminddogs.com/


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