Mufaasa is two years old!

Goodness, it’s hard to believe, but my crazy puppy is already two years old. It doesn’t seem like I’ve had him for that long, and he certainly doesn’t act like a mostly adult dog (or even a partially adult dog), but he is. He’s still crazy, steals stuff out of the garbage, runs off with my slippers and walks up behind me in my chair at work and pokes me in the kidney with his nose to get my attention (he’s doing that last one right now).

His official birthday was yesterday, and as luck would have it I just won a new pet bed for him! Petvalu had a draw going on in support for the Nova Scotia SPCA. I think it was something like $2 for a ticket and honestly I’d forgotten about it. There were a few prizes and we got the bed. Apparently it was the favourite bed of the store cat, so sorry kitty, but they’ve got lots more so I’m sure you’ll be fine (also, every time I go in there they point out how overweight the cat is so maybe it’s better he doesn’t have such a comfy place to lie down. I can’t remember what type of bed it is at the minute (I’ll update once I get home), but it’s quite nice.

This is what happened to the last bed I bought. There’s a reason I stopped trying. Also, I’m still finding the stuffing from this under furniture.

The funny thing about winning a dog bed is that I’d stopped buying them on account of the fact that Mufaasa treats them like a bear that must be wrestled with and then evicerated, like the mighty hunter he is. And just to prove that he’s no more mature at age 2 years than he was at 9 months, the first thing he did was get in a fight with the bed for about twenty minutes, then had a nap in it, then fought with it some more. He hasn’t put a hole in it yet. I’m going to see if I can make this one last so I eventually wound up stuffing it in a closet. It would probably help teach him not to eat them if I didn’t start giggling every time he gets in a fight with his bed (especially when the bed seems to have the upper-hand), but honestly it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

Also, since I had to go to Pet Valu and pick up my prize I wound up getting him some other presents as well (I’m pretty sure if you compared how much I spend on my dog vs how much I spend on myself it would reveal results that are quite sad). I got him a little bone to munch on that was gone in about three seconds, and I got him a box of treats covered in yogurt icing, and I probably gave him half the box last night before I clued in that I was probably about to make him sick (thank god my dog has a pretty stable constitution).

Here’s a little gallery of images that I took. My camera and I weren’t getting along last night (the auto-focus doesn’t seem to like black dogs in dim rooms for some reason) so these aren’t the best, but we had a good time. Non-functioning camera meant I had to give him more treats to try and get the shot.

Mufaasa had no idea what was happening, but I’m pretty sure he thought it was AWESOME.

4 Replies to “Mufaasa is two years old!”

  1. That last one of him on his bed is adorable! Congratulations on the prize!

    Time passes so quickly, doesn't it? From the sounds of things, you and Mufaasa have made quite a few memories in the last two years. Here's to many many many more. Happy birthday Mufaasa!

    1. Thanks, and amazingly the prize is still in one piece (I think you can appreciate what a miracle that is!)

  2. Yes, the last photo of him is so cute! Look at that sweet face! Happy Birthday Mufaasa! I'm new here — found you through Kristine's great blog. Looking forward to getting caught up in here and to getting to know Mufaasa! What a great name by the way 🙂

    1. Thanks for the visit! Yeah, the last photo was the one where my camera and I made up (read: Mufaasa sat still long enough for me to get a decent shot). Glad you like Mufaasa's name, he's got a few: Moo, Dude, and a few that are not fit for polite company ;p

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