K9 Kamp Challenge Week 4: Kamper’s Choice

Ahh! I’m late! Alas, I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday as I was too busy celebrating/undoing all the good I’ve done for the last four weeks stuffing my face full of beer and buffalo wings until 1am. ‘Cause, that’s how I roll. The last challenge for K9 Kamp was Kamper’s choice: do whatever you feel like as long as it gets you out and about. I managed to do a whole bunch of things this week, from a four hour stumble around Halifax on the weekend, lots and lots of Frisbee and ball throwing, and a bit of agility as well. We’ve also continued our meal time exercises. We’ve been working on our Cik-Cap skillz, and I’ve started incorporating them into our walks by either having Mufaasa run around  trees or garbage cans, whatever is near by (no pictures, sorry!). He’s really getting the idea of collecting and wrapping around the object, but he’s not really differentiating the directionals yet (but that’s the hardest part, so I’ll just have to be patient. Considering how often I give car directions and say left when I meant to say right, I can’t get too mad at my pup if he gets mixed up). But in terms of fitness, this is a great exercise. We actually start with left and right spins to start, and then move to the Cik-Cap, since it’s a nice way to get him stretched out and warmed up before we do more difficult stuff.

Also, his frisbee retrieving is coming right along. Here’s us at the park in the morning. He seems to have more sucess at that end, I think because that’s the way I leave and he knows that if he stops retrieving I’ll leave sooner (yes, all of you positive training detractors out there, there is a way to give negative reinforcement without beating your animal).

I’ve also noticed something funny. I didn’t use my chuck-it with my ball at all this week, an I’ve been throwing the Frisbee a lot, and I can already feel that my right arm is a bit more toned than my left. So if I can just learn to throw with my left arm (ha!) I won’t have to lift weights at all! I shouldn’t be so surprised—I have to throw a ball for up to an hour to actually get Mufaasa exercised, and if you do an hour’s worth of reps at anything you’re gonna see results.

All and all I’m actually really happy that I managed to stay on board the whole way through, even though I was a bit late with a few of my posts. Next year I think I’m going to have to step it up. Or, I could do something wacky and get more intense about it now. I’ve been wanting to start jogging again for a while, but this is sort of the most humid time of year to be attempting that. Someone better start a jogging with your dog challenge, stat!

I’d like to thank Kol’s Notes and Peggy’s Pet Place for putting this on. It’s been awesome fun and I’ll absolutely be doing this next year!

A now for some gratuitous shots of Mufaasa and me at the park!


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  1. Awesome job! He looks so happy and proud of himself when he is bringing the frisbee back. Your perseverance is so inspiring. I have to remind myself to be patient at times; it's so easy to get frustrated when my dog dosn't get something I think she should as fast as I think she should. Clearly patience pays off big time. I can't wait till we have a yard so we can start practicing as well!

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