K9 Kamp Challenge #1 Walk your pooch!

So, ironically I didn’t devout as much extra time to walking my pooch as I could have for this weeks K9 Challenge, but it’s been pretty busy for me the last while with the latest fun-show last weekend. Seeing as I was largely distracted by spending time training my dog and running around an agility course, I’m not going to feel over bad about it!

Still, we did get some extra walks in. This last weekend was Victoria Day here in Canada, and after the fun-show I wanted to take it easy. It was far too hot to let him run around at the park, so I decided to walk from my home to downtown Halifax. I needed some poop bags and I kept forgetting to renew Mufaasa’s registration, so I figured I’d see if Bark and Fitz was open on the holiday, and low and behold it was. It’s our favourite pet store and Mufaasa loves it there, especially since he usually gets spoiled rotten every time we go in there (and no one there cares if he puts his paws on the counter!). This is our route there:

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And this was our route back:

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Due to hanging out in Bark in Fitz it took about two and a half hours to do. I wish I’d been smart and taken some pictures (camera was with me, just didn’t make it out of my bag for some reason), but I was at least smart enough to bring some water. There was a bit of a breeze in places, but when it stopped it was pretty boiling. I think my skin is about three shades darker after last weekend, and Mufaasa is longing for winter to come back.


Our other big walking journey was, well, not nearly so big as that one. Two days earlier we’d had a rather dismal class, but it was far, far to nice out to stay inside and mope about it. Also, the fun-show was the next day and I wanted to see if we could relax and get ourselves together so we wouldn’t suck too too much (I’ll post about the show later, but spoiler alert, it went well!). Often when I want to do a shorter jaunt I just wander over to the Hydrostone Market and then loop back. It’s always pretty down that way and I can stop for coffee if I feel the urge (with lots of safe places to tie your dog up while you go inside). On the way back I decided to zig zag through the rest of the Hydrostone area since I really can’t get enough of looking at the homes—from the ones still covered in the actual hydrostone bricks to all the weird and lovely ways they’ve been modified since being built during WWI. I’m sure if anyone was watching we looked a little crazy, but it still made for a nice way to end the day.

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Again, stupidly didn’t get any pictures, I’ll try to be better at taking photos for the next challenge.  All in all I think we did about 3.5 hours over the weekend, and that’s of course discounting walking to the park or to class or wherever. Not too shabby I think.


Edit: Oops! I lied, I got a few photos from walking around the Hydrostone. Also, the first one is a pretty bouquet of flowers that I got for free for some reason at Pet’s Fruitique which I’m including just ’cause. Hard to say no to free tulips!

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  1. I'd say you did great with the Walking Challenge! I love how you plan your walk around your coffee shop. I'm not ashamed to admit do the same!! A Venti non-fat latte for me and a grande acqua for the dogs. The fun show sounds fun!

  2. Sounds like you did great! Can't wait to see how you did on Challenge #2!

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