K9 Boot Camp?

You know, I like to think of myself as being fairly healthy. I don’t eat out too much (like, once or twice a month, and it’s usually sushi or samosas), I don’t consume too many overly processed foods (except for cup ramen). I also walk a lot. Like, at least an hour every day and sometimes three or four on the weekends. But believe me, I used to be much, much fitter. Of course, that’s because I was spending fourteen hours a day seven days a week slinging hay and shovelling manure. It was hard, back breaking (liturally, my back is still fucked up) work, but being able to walk around with two hay bales in each arm is a pretty awesome feeling. The problem, of course, is that nowadays my job involves sitting in a chair for eight hours, and lately I’m little miss lacking in self discipline (except when it comes spending money on my puppy). So, how to fix that?

God, I used to be so tanned and ripped (and, especially here, super drunk, in case you failed to notice my face doing its best to colour-coordinate with my hair). I’m not trying to flex, by the way, I’m just putting on my shoe!

Well, it just so happens that there’s a new blog challenge happening right now that might just be the thing. Koly and Kelly’s K9 Kamp is all about getting you up and moving almost as much as your dog (I say “almost” because there’s no way I’ll ever be able to outrun my little speed daemon). Judging from last year’s challenges it should be fun and hopefully get the blood pumping, and ideally get me into it enough to keep going. I’ve tried to be a jogger in the last couple of years but so far I’ve just sort of fizzled out after a few months (usually when it starts to get really hot in the summer). Seriously, I bought a little two pound weight and brought it to work so I could do a few reps on my break instead of just screwing around on the internet. The damn thing hasn’t left the drawer since it arrived. So, maybe if I have the blogosphere watching (as I’m sure you all are) I’ll be shammed into actually getting in shape.

Now, let’s be clear, I am by no means overweight. In fact it has been my life-long dream to get hips. I’m almost thirty so I’m sure to hit puberty any day now, but until that time I just have to put up with my ridiculous, humming bird-like metabolism (Que most women going “Aw, muffin, why don’t you bite me?” But believe me, it’s a double edge sword. Like, if I skip a meal about an hour later I’m seeing pretty colours and I either have to eat right away or go lie down until else someone else fetches me food). As of now the only heavy lifting I do is transporting my groceries home on the bus, which just shouldn’t wind me as much as it currently does. The problem, of course, is that when I’m in shape my apatite goes way, way up, so I’ll be carrying even more groceries home (god forbid I start spending as much money feeding myself as I do Mufaasa). But it’s a small–figurative–price to pay. I always feel better when I’m fit. More motivated, less depressed, and just all around better. I’ve been putting a lot off for the last few months, and maybe this challenge will give me the kick to the rear I need.



Edit: The first challenge is up, and, awesomely enough, it’s about going for extra walks. WE WILL OWN THIS CHALLENGE. But, like, after this weekend since we have a fun-show on sunday. But I’m sure I can talk my mom into going for a hike afterwards!

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  1. Woo hoo! That makes three of us in Halifax participating this round! It was a lot of fun last year but I did have a hard time fitting some of the challenges in to our already jammed schedule. We already walk about two hours every day and then with agility practice, trick training, and, you know, sleep, it's hard to put in yet another activity. Especially if I want to keep paying my bills. Being an adult is just so time-consuming. 😛

    1. Man, I hate being an adult. It's the only reason I haven't adopted like eight dogs already (in fact, people keep offering me "free" dogs, and it's killing me! 'cause we both know there is no such thing as a free dog…sigh). And yes, fitting extra walking in is one thing, but the rest might be a bit harder. But it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't, you know, challenging. ^_^

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