Hello from Mufaasa and me!

Just a quick hello to anybody insane enough to read through my ramblings. I’m not a dog trainer, more of a dog aficionado if you will. I worked with horses for over a decade and after some life changes have shifted my focus (read: dogs are cheaper than ponies, so until my plan of winning the lottery comes to fruition this is it). I’ve had two dogs, with Mufaasa as my latest pal as of February 2011. He’s a spunky border collie/lab cross that I adopted from the local SPCA at nine months of age, and I decided just for kicks I would start a blog detailing our progress. He’s pretty spoiled and has been doing an excellent job as the new unofficial-official-office dog of Nimbus Publishing. We’ve just started up agility and he’s been great, sure to be a super-star so long as I can be consistent (and convince him to stop being so polite and TUG ALREADY!!). I’m going to try and include all the awesome doggie links and news I find (because I’m obsessed and frankly, if you’re reading this you probably are too) and there will probably be some rants as well (because while I may look blonde, I am a ginger at heart).


Anywho, next post I’ll try and talk about my training philosophy with Mufaasa and how we’ve been doing so far. Thanks for reading!

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