DIY Agility Equipment

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A great little website with some pvc equipment plans, with the added bonus that they sell kits with all the fittings you will need. You can also buy the individual pieces. Also available on

Lee Valley

This is the only local supplier in Nova Scotia that I have found for the furniture pvc fittings that you need for most equipment. While you can hack a version of jumps and other pieces of equipment from the types of connectors you can get at your local hardware store, they often involve making compromises in the design that are at best annoying, and at worst unsafe (such as a fixed base jump, for instance).


Online resource for pvc and pvc fittings. Just about any connector you can think of is available here.


I have not actually read any of these books, I made all my equipment from looking online or just figuring it out on my own.

Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment, 2nd Edition available at

Making Rubber Skins for Agility Equipment available at


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