Womp Womp

Sooooo….I fucked up. I forgot to pay the damn website bill, and forgot for long enough that they no longer had my website backed up. I had backed up most of my posts. I thought I had backed up all the content. I checked my home computer. I checked my office computer. I checked my tablet. I checked […]

Course Maps! Pushes, threadles, and obstacle descrims, oh my!

So I’ve been dabbling with making my own course maps. Mostly because I have limited equipment and limited space, and trolling around online to find stuff that perfectly fits my criteria can take forever. So as I like this blog to be a resource for others I thought I’d share some of the maps I’ve […]

Blogger Action Day: Continuing Education (in all it’s myriad forms).

Education in agility has come a long way, even in the last few years. Handling methods are becoming more refined, training across the globe is becoming more consistent, and there are avenues for learning that will work for just about anyone. The main problem being, of course, figuring out which one is going to be […]

Aging in Agility

Hmm, aging. Such a short word, and one that invokes such terror in some. And it is timely (is that a pun?) that such a topic in the latest Dog Agility Bloggers event should show up just over two weeks before I turn thirty. There’s all these preconceptions about hitting the big three-oh that I’m […]

K9 Boot Camp?

You know, I like to think of myself as being fairly healthy. I don’t eat out too much (like, once or twice a month, and it’s usually sushi or samosas), I don’t consume too many overly processed foods (except for cup ramen). I also walk a lot. Like, at least an hour every day and […]