Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Last Friday was Bring Your Dog to Work Day. It’s a bit of a non-event for Mufaasa and me since he comes to work with me every day. Which seems to be something more and more places are trying. There are so many reasons to bring your dog to work—it’s said to boost moral, productivity, and inter-office relationships. So it’s totally worthwhile, even if it’s just for one day. Also, any excuse to take silly pictures of my pouch, the unofficial official office dog of Nimbus Publishing.


Also, special mention to Nimbus’s previous unofficial official office dog Naala, star of Nimbus’s first and so far best book trailer:

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  1. Awesome! Will Mufaasa get to be in a cool trailer one day?

    I imagine everyone in your office loves having him around, even if he steals their lunches. 😉

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