Bit of a follow up to the rant

Well, just to make things confusing, the internet also gives you crap advise sometimes. Like this info chart (which, while pretty, is nearly impossible to follow) that basically says unless you have a yard you can’t have a dog. Only one of the residencies I’ve been in since I moved back to Nova Scotia had a yard, and that was never where I primarily exercised my dog. Correct answer is “Do you have a yard/trail/off leash park near by?” I seriously get fed up with people saying if you live in an apartment you can’t have a dog. My dog goes to a park and gets properly socialized and exercised, people with back yards get lazy, open the back door and expect the dog to entertain itself, and then act bewildered with it digs up their garden.


Seriously cranky today, guys, sorry. Excuse me while I ingest more coffee.


Image originally found on the Ottawa Dog Blog:EDIT: This made me feel better:




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