Apparently Raafi sees dead people.

Raafi ghost

This pretty much the only explanation that makes sense. I took this photo last night. I’d just gone to bed, super excited as it was before midnight for once, but Raafi kept coming over and sitting by the bed right next to my face and glaring at me. Eventually he got in bed and we were pretty much spooning. It’s something he does in the mornings usually so it seemed a bit out of place but nothing that worried me. Some days he’s more sucky than others.

Then out of the blue the tension rod for my curtains fell down. It’s a cheap one from Walmart so that happens from time to time too. Raafi immediately jumps up and runs to the bedroom door. I figure he’s either scared of the curtain or the suckyness is from needing to relieve himself. So I get up and sure enough he runs right to the front door, super ecstatic about getting to go outside. So I take him out, he has a small pee and then wants right back in.

I go back to bed but he keeps coming over and glaring at me while stress panting. He’s taking food and drinking, his stomach doesn’t feel tight, but something is clearly stressing him out. I get up, he runs to the front door again, so I take him out. Small pee and a poop this time, but when I come back in he runs to one of the pop-up crates I have in the living room and doesn’t want to go in my bedroom at all. I bring a pop up crate in the bedroom and give him some treats for going in and then try to go back to sleep. Raafi continues to stress pant the whole time.

After a few minutes I take him outside again and go for a little walk around the neighbourhood (it’s about 1:30 at this point) and he doesn’t do anything unusual. I come back inside and he runs to the pop up crate still in the living room again. While there he is happy and not panting. As soon as he goes back in my room he gets stressed out again. I decide to try sleeping outside of the bedroom and see if he’s still stressed, if he is I’ll head to the vet to see if there’s something physically wrong. I pull out my futon and lie down in my living room and Raafi immediately settles and doesn’t pant anymore.

This morning after my alarm went off I go into the bedroom and lie down for a minute to see what he does and he goes and lies down in his crate just like every other day when I go to bed as if nothing weird had happened.

So, yeah, there is clearly a poltergeist that hates my curtains that occasionally haunts my bedroom, and Raafi does not approve.

PS: Yes, this blog has gone quiet for a while. It’s been a weird agility season so far with some awesome stuff mixed with some stuff I really never thought would happen and is about as bad as it can be. This blog has also gotten a bit unwieldily and I think there might need to be some restructuring before I come back to it full time, but figured I’d share this weird little story to tide you over until I get around to it.

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