Womp Womp

Sooooo….I fucked up. I forgot to pay the damn website bill, and forgot for long enough that they no longer had my website backed up. I had backed up most of my posts. I thought I had backed up all the content. I checked my home computer. I checked my office computer. I checked my tablet. I checked […]

End of the Year Review: I learned some lessons, and none of them were what I would have predicted

Last weekend marks the official end of the 2015 Agility Season for myself and pretty much everyone in the Maritimes. Even though we were 0/8 in the Q department after two days of competition, Raafi managed to finish off the year really well at our last trial, which might seem like a funny thing to […]

Course Maps! Pushes, threadles, and obstacle descrims, oh my!

So I’ve been dabbling with making my own course maps. Mostly because I have limited equipment and limited space, and trolling around online to find stuff that perfectly fits my criteria can take forever. So as I like this blog to be a resource for others I thought I’d share some of the maps I’ve […]